Easter Sunday 2019

This is my first Easter with no familial obligations. No parents to call or visit. Folks checked in; others invited me to Easter brunch/ lunch/ dinner. I couldn’t do the so-sorry-how-are-you things.

Struggle with the sympathy invite. Think it’s meant to be nice, but I hear “Never asked you over before but heh, pretty pathetic you’ve no family and have nobody, wanna come to my place? It’s been almost two months, you need to pull yourself together.”

Amidst all the holiday noise and angst (real and imagined, I admit), someone unexpectedly invited me to breakfast. Breakfast turned into a day – filled with laughter and tears, comfort and caring.

I don’t know if the timing was purposeful Or serendipitous. If words said were real or fleeting. I don’t know much. But I do know I am grateful that today, for a few hours, grief was set aside and my heart stopped hurting.

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