Routines and Rituals

Routines and Rituals I
Saturday, plants drink water. Orchids chew on ice. Dust bunnies scurry.
Sunday, thoughts appear in text. Notes hide inside envelopes. Letters await the mail carrier.
Monday, worker bee toils. Thoughts simmer.
Tuesday, emotions boil.
Wednesday, weekend taunts.
Thursday, unchecked affect burns.
Friday, jaws unclench.
Saturday, plants drink water.

Routines and Rituals II
Hi Mom, how are things?
She did? He did?
What can I do?
Love you too.
Me? I’m fine, thanks.

Routine and Rituals III
Puppies, I’m home!
Were you so good?
Outside, outside.
What good puppies!
Inside, inside.
Sun and stars oversee
Puppies and me.

Whispers I

Trees grumble in the darkness as Winter blankets them in snow once more. Wind chimes gossip about Wind’s coldness.
Water whispers secrets to Creek.

Inside, we fret.
Red Dog grumbles at Scruffy Dog. Scruffy Dog growls back, but moves as requested.
Little Dog whines. I throw her toy and continue to type.

Sunday night.


© C.M. DeCourcey and Creekside Whispers