November 21, 2016

My brother texted me today – just to check-in, and he called later on. We don’t usually talk much – being grown-up busy and all that.

I feel sad tonight.

Sad that the man who died three years ago never seemed to know peace.

Sad that his daughter and son struggle even now to believe they are ever good enough – for anyone, for anything.

Sad that a much loved cousin lost her beloved Hoop – on her birthday.

Sad that not everyone understands how deeply we love and are loved unconditionally, at least by our four leggeds.

Sad that cancer overtook KH, and her little girls no longer have her close.

Sad that I feel too embarrassed to admit to those whose birthday falls on this day that I don’t want to celebrate.

I feel powerless tonight.

Powerless to right the wrongs done unto so many.

Powerless to keep children safe.

Powerless to breathe.







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